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Most Likely to Questions 

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Most likely to questions 2020

You and all of your pals have gathered together. So how are you guys gonna enjoy that time to the fullest? Well you can play many exciting games and one of them is most likely to questions game which includes exciting and engaging questions like most likely to questions adult, most likely to questions boyfriend girlfriend and most likely to questions halloween. Below are the most likely to game questions list. 

How to play whos most likely to questions kinky?

Its, simple you need a group of people( Min 2-4) to play this game. Each member of the group will be asked a question as illustrated below and he has to point a finger toward the person who is most related to that question. You can also play this most likely to questions games online.

Most likely questions for jamb 2020

You can choose the questions that you find interesting. We have put them up category wise

 Most likely to questions for Friend circle

 1.Who’s most likely to kill a pet?

2.Who’s most like to break first?

3.Who’s most likely to betray others?

4. Who is most likely to be a person who laughs badly no matter what’s the situation is?

5.Who is most likely to have multiple affairs at a time?

6. Who is most likely to prompt jokes while sitting at the back of the class?

7.Most likely to buy things they don’t need?

8. Most likely to break out in song in a public place?

9. Most likely to get into a fight?

10.Most likely to lose their temper.

Most likely to questions Siblings

11.Who’s most likely to Cry in public

12.Who’s most likely to forget birthdays

13.Who’s most likely to Get drunk

14..Who’s most likely to Be sleepy

15.Who’s most likely to Be inpatient

16.Who’s most likely to Fart in public

17.Who’s most likely to Cry in a sad movie

18.Who’s most likely to Be a flirt 

19.Who’s most likely to Be a drama queen

20.Who’s most likely to ask some stupid questions

Most likely to questions for Couples

21. Who is most likely to become a sex addict?

22. Who is the most likely to become a porn star?

23.Who is most likely to have a wet dream / sexy dream tonight?

24.Who is most likely to send a dick pic?

25.Who is most likely to wax their privates?

26.Most likely to abandon their room because of spiders?

27.Most likely to accept a plea bargain for a crime they didn’t commit?

28.Most likely to accidentally kill someone?

29.Most likely to accidentally send a text to someone that was meant for someone else?

30.Most likely to accidentally set the house on fire?

 Most likely to question for EXPOSING

31.Who is most likely to listen to classical music?

32.Who is most likely to go to the museum very often?

33.Who is most likely to smoke weed?

34.Who is most likely to be rich?

35.Who is most likely to be poor?

36..Who is most likely to choose Tv Series over movies?

37.Who is most likely to play a bad guy role in a movie?

38.Who is most likely to be a stunt double in a movie?

39.Who is most likely to shave their head for a movie?

40.Who is most likely to play a nude scene in a movie?

Most likely to questions Tumblr

41.Who’s most likely to argue with a police officer?

42. Who’s most likely to ask for forgiveness/permission?

43. Who’s most likely to be afraid of spiders/height/the dark?

44. Who’s most likely to become a millionaire/die poor?

45. Who’s most likely to cheat at cards?

46. Who is most likely to marry a closeted gay friend?

47. Who is most likely to get a face tattoo?

48. Who is most likely to get arrested for being too drunk?

49. Who is most likely to become a magician?

50. Who is most likely to visit all the continents?


51.Who is Most likely to break a world record

52.Who is Most likely to get married first

53.Who is Most likely to invent a new form of social media

54.Who is Most likely to move out of the country

55.Who is Most likely to remain, high school sweethearts,

56.Who is Most likely to save the planet

57. Who is most likely to be the first to get married in your family?

58. Who is most likely great at mathematics and please tell us why?

59. Who is most likely to be poor in our brotherhood?

60. Between us, who is most likely to become a serial killer, and why?


61.What is your favorite memory of dating me?

62.What is your favorite sexual memory of us?

63.What food reminds you of me?

64.When was the last time you thought about me in a positive way?

65.What is your favorite thing that I do for you?

66. What is one thing that your spouse has that you’d love to get rid of?

67. What is your spouse’s guilty pleasure?

68. What was your worst date?

69. When did you realize that your spouse was “the one”?

70. Where did your first kiss happen?

Most likely to questions for bachelorette party

81. Between you two, who is most likely to invite someone else in the bedroom?

82. What does he consider as the best position when making love?

83. If the two of you were to do it in a public place, where would he want it?

84. What is the one thing you want to do in bed that he won’t do?

85. What is his secret sex fantasy

86.Who is most likely to forget an anniversary?

87. Who asked for the first date?

88. Who is more adventurous?

89. Who wears the pants in the relationship?

90. Which spouse is more organized?


91.Most likely to be on the cover of Women’s Vogue/Men’s Vogue

92.Most likely to become a famous artist

93.Most likely to become a wildlife photographer

94.Most likely to dance in a Beyoncé music video

95.Who is most likely to have the most children?

96. Who is most likely to celebrate their Golden Anniversary?

97. Who is most likely to get cheated on?

98. Who is most likely to become very fat within the next five years?

99.Most likely to remain in the bathroom for 1 hour every day?

100. Most likely to do something stupid on a night out with their kids?

Do comment which of the Most Likely to question you found most interesting. And Share this most likely to questions list with your friends.

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