What is Ho'oponopono prayer - The secret of all Healings

Ho'oponopono Prayer for Healing

 Ho'oponopono prayer a Hawaain technique

Ho'oponopono prayer - How incredible it will sound if I say that a doctor cured all of his patients in a Hospital without ever visiting them, Without ever touching them, Without seeing them, No Injections, operations, and medicine. I know you won't believe it, Neither did I.

Well, this incident actually took place in Hawaii. A Psychotherapist cured all his patients without ever meeting them. I know your mind would be screaming Hey what, How, No it's not possible. But  Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len did this miracle with a very simple prayer called ho'oponopono prayer. 

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What is the Ho'oponopono prayer meaning?

It's an ancient Hawaiian technique that is used for healings. It can be used for physical sufferings, Mental sufferings such as anxiety, depression, Negativity, and It can be used in setting harmony in the relationship.
 In a nutshell, this technique is used to clean, to clear, and to resolve the sufferings.

Why You should start practicing Ho'ponopono prayer?

Just Counting you benefits of Hoponopono Prayer won't make you believe in the power of this prayer. Rather I would like to show you the life-changing experiences people felt in their lives across the world. I am sharing ho'oponopono success stories and ho'oponopono prayer miracles.

This one is in the English language and the second one is in Hindi.

 Ho'oponopono benefits

1. How does ho'oponopono prayer to heal relationships?

It has been proclaimed "Jaisi Drishti Waisi Srishti". It means that you see what you think. So to resolve internal conflicts you gotta work on your inside only then things outside will change. Let understand this with an example. We can't see clearly when our glasses are dirty, It doesn't mean there is something wrong in the outer world. It is actually our glasses which are to be cleaned first.

When we do this prayer all our internal conflicts are resolved and we get to know ourselves deeper. Our self-awareness increases and when we get to know ourselves better only then we can understand others. And we can improve our relationships. People have experience 
ho'oponopono prayer miracles in their relationships.

2.  Ho'oponopono to heal others and ourselves?

As I already mentioned when we change ourselves then the way we see the world changes and when our outlook on life, on persons, and relationship improves then we heal others by healing ourselves.

3. How does ho'oponopono heal your body?

Thinking is everything. We all know that thinking can make our heart beat fast or can slow it down. Thinking can make the Blood pressure shoot up or sink down. Thinking can make us Happy or Sad. You see Thinking is everything. The Type of our thinking shapes our lives, careers, and relationships, Confidence, Self-esteem, etc. So it is very necessary to choose the right and constructive way of thinking.
Thinking is a powerful tool if used in the right way it can heal any type of physical ailments. You just gotta believe it's possible.

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4. How to use ho'oponopono to have a better life?

When we came into existence our soul was neutral we were neither a good nor a bad person. But as we grew up the layer of negativity started overshadowing our pure soul. Now we are filled with anger, sadness, anxiety, and depression. You see these things make our life a mess. And it degrades the experience of living our life.
So we can use this prayer to improve our lives when we will use this prayer we will get rid of these mental ailments and we will improve as a person and ultimately our life will   improve.

How do you practice Ho'Oponopono prayer?


Simple, we need to follow 4 steps. We need to repeat the following sentences with immense belief and with a clear and calm mind. Cut out all the distractions and sit quietly. And say
  1. I'm Sorry
  2. Please Forgive Me
  3. Thank you
  4. I love you

So You have to repeat these words with the whole belief of your heart.

1. I am sorry -  Believe it or not, You are responsible for whatever you see in life, Whatever happens to you, Whatever kind of relationship you build with others. You are 100% responsible for it. And when you are responsible for everything. You may have done many things wrong in your life and unconsciously it's a burden. And you can release this burden by being sorry to yourself. The word sorry may seem small but it keeps worldly power in itself. And it can heal you and make you a great person.

Example - Suppose I am a very negative person and I have made my life a mess with my negativity. So how I will use this prayer.
I will say I am sorry for being so negative in my life. I am responsible for my negativity and I am sorry to my inner self for it. And will not continue doing so from today. I am sorry to myself

2. Please Forgive me - Ask for forgiveness, for whatever you have done wrong to yourself and others. And then kindly forgive yourself wholeheartedly.

3. Thank you - Say thanks to yourself for forgiving yourself and repeat these words with the belief like you actually mean it whole heartily.

4. I love you - Say this to yourself, Say it to the universe and to the god. Love is contagious so spread the love around you. Love yourself and be kind to others and Say I love you often to yourself and mean it.

Share this life-changing ho'oponopono prayer with your friends also and do comment your experience.

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