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 List of Productive Things To Do When Bored

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Productive Things to do when bored 

Productive things to do when bored online - Believe it or not! at some point in our life, we are out of ideas about what to do when you are bored. The best way to use your free time is to do some productive habits which help you grow as a person and at the same time makes you enjoy your life. So with a lot of research and my own ideas, I have come up with a list of productive things when you are bored. You can work on this list if you are looking for productive things to do on the weekend.

1. Write a Diary - Personally, I write my diary whenever I am bored or I have nothing to do. Mostly I write about how I am feeling. Actually, It's been one and a half years since I am keeping a diary so reading my old writings makes me feel motivated and happy because I am changing in a better and positive way day and day out and. You can start Diary writing if you don't keep a diary. You can write about your feelings, secrets, goals, or you can make your bucket list.

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2. Create your bucket list
Life is too short to not to visit that country you would love to go, Approach that boy/girl you like, Conquer your fears, Eat-in that extravagant restaurant, Jumping off the cliff ( Obviously with a parachute ), and try out new things. So create your own list what you would love to do before your life ends.

 100 Bucket List Ideas

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3. Decorate your room -
No I don't mean to put up colorful lights at the ceilings. What I mean is that you can put up motivational quotes on the walls of your rooms so that you never take eyes off from your goals. Or you can put up the posters of your role model or anything that makes you refreshed and motivated.

4. Read Self-Help Books -  Self Help books will build a mindset that you need to win at your life. Here are some suggestions?

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5. Take yourself to Movies - You can trying going to movies by yourself. You need to try out new things and you will love it. Or you can start watching a Netflix series in one sitting( once a month). 

6. Try singing  - Sing your favorite song and record your voice on Starmaker and enjoy it.

7. Big poster of Yourself - Yes love yourself! The walls of your room deserve a big picture of you to hang on them. Have your favorite picture or click a new and get a big poster of yourself and hang it

8. Visit your neighbors -  Who doesn't loves gossips. If you have free time you can try visiting your neighbors and you can have spicy gossips there. 

9. Summon all of your close friends- Yes guys can party, Or you can go on a long drive, Go get something to eat, or just have useless conversations 😂

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10. Watch Sunset/Sunrise - It's always very soothing to watch sunset/sunrise. It refreshes our mood and calms our mind. Personally, I start my day with a sunset and it has its own benefits.

11. Spend some time alone - Yeah taking out time for yourself is very necessary. Take out 20 minutes daily for yourself. Think about your day, about yourself and things that are going well appreciate them be grateful, and analyze what you would like to change.

12. Meditation/Yoga - A lot of people prefer Meditation/yoga to perform in the morning but you can do it whenever you are free. It will calm our brain which is always at unrest. Don't know How to perform?

13. Favorite Music- Whenever I get time I grab a chair and put my headphones on, eyes closed, and listen to the favorite music of mine and it refreshes my mood and improves my focus.

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14. A New Recipe - Scroll the internet and find a recipe you would like to try. And cook something for yourself, give yourself the treat you deserve.

15. Create a Scrap Book - Yes cut out whatever you like on the newspaper or the magazine and paste it on your scrapbook. Personally, I like to put things in my scrap that motivates and inspires me.

16. Create your Garden - Most of you guys maybe having it already, if you don't have I would like you to create a little garden at the rooftop.

17. Start a Blog - Find out what you are passionate about and would love to write about. Then bring out that little writer in you slowly. This is not for everyone but nothing wrong in trying your hand. 

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18. Call a random person - Life is too short why not to have fun with it. Dial any phone number and have a conversation with a stranger and see how it goes.

19. Rent a supercar for an Hour - It's not a weird thing it is something you would love to try. Supercars are very expensive to buy. But it doesn't mean you can never drive them. You can take one on rent at retail price. Drive it, feel the acceleration. And yeah click a lot of pictures.

20. Go to a  club on your own - Yeah why not? And make new friends there. Dance, Drink, and Party.

21. Join a random online class - Sounds weird right lol! You got to do this its true fun. Introduce yourself to the class and have fun


Here is the list of places you should visit once in your life. This will require money for travelling. If you have it you are good to go and if you haven't then you can make a diary of it and write down all the places you would like to visit in the future.

22. Trek the Great Wall of China - Everyone knows and loves the Great Wall of China, as witnessed by the masses of selfie-taking tourists swarming the landmark each day. Different sections of the wall offer different experiences, whether you're looking for a strenuous hike or an uncrowded place to take photographs. 
23. Climb Mount Fuji - Solitary Mount Fuji is probably Japan's most iconic natural wonder, rising 12,388 feet above villages and reflecting on lakes' surfaces. You can get views of the landmark from many places, like Lake Kawaguchi in Fujikawaguchiko and the Park Hyatt Tokyo, but it's the views from the mountain that give you the most bragging rights.

24. Sand surf in the Sahara - The dunes of the Sahara are colossal, untouched, and tailor-made for extreme sports. The desert's rows of barchans (meaning "crescent-shaped dunes" in Turkic) have ideal shapes for sand surfing (descending the slopes on a surfboard) and sandboarding (descending the slopes on a snowboard)—and those views don't hurt, either.

25. Heli-ski in Switzerland - Any winter sports enthusiast has either tried or wants to try heli-skiing—off-trail skiing that is accessed by helicopter as opposed to a ski lift. Switzerland offers some of the best off-trail skiing in the world in Alpine villages like Grimentz and Zermatt, which are as charming as they are epic.
26. Walk the Chadar Trek frozen river in India - The Chadar Trek is an approximately 50-mile journey across the Zanskar River when it freezes solid during the January and February. Travel company Big Planet offers nine-day treks out of Leh, with trips that include hiking, guided tours, and overnight camping on the ice.


All of us should have a hobby that is gonna bring us money in the future. For example, you can contribute to youtube by making meaningful videos that add values to the life of your audience. In your free time you can work on your videos and in the future you will secure some money from there as you grow.

27.  Create a Passive Income - A passive income is earnings that you are not actively working at or have very little effort in managing. The main ways people are doing this are through rental properties, websites, vending-machine types of businesses, ebooks, and affiliate programs. 

28. Lower your Monthly Bills - Spend a day going through every bill, line for line, to see if there are any unknown charges and call each company for explanations. Shop rates for such things as insurance, internet, and cable. Negotiate interest rates with your credit card companies.

29. Be Credit Card Debt Free - This should have been number one of the Financial Bucket List. I do not know anyone who hasn’t found themselves, at some point, in a little trouble with credit card debt.

New Experiences

Life is a mixture of good and bad experiences. You may wait for an experience to come to you or you can create your experience. What my mantra is that I wanna experience the moments as much as I can be it good or bad I just wanna experiment with new things and open the doors of possibilities. Who knows what a new experiment might bring you.

30. New Hair Colour - Try out a new dye on your hair. If you never dyed your hair this is the time and if you are already having it you can try another bold color. 

31. Things you need to try 

  1. Ride horses on the beach
  2. Go bungee jumping
  3. Take a hot air balloon ride
  4. Visit an elephant sanctuary
  5. Attend the Olympics
  6. Be in the Saturday Night Live audience
  7. Be in a parade float
  8. Ride a mechanical bull
  9. Go skinny dipping at night
  10. Write a love letter
32. Find new places near you - Whether you consult local bloggers, Google Maps or TripAdvisor you’re bound to find someplace in your town you’ve never even heard of and will totally fall in love with.
33. Indulge in a guilty pleasure -  Mine are watching “The Bachelorette” or “Real Housewives of Anywhere”, and spending too much time online shopping for dresses.
34. Write in your gratitude journal. - Don’t have a gratitude journal yet? It’s as simple as taking a little notebook and writing down five things that made you happy at the end of every day.


Basically, free time is always the best time to enhance our skills. Here are some illustrations about what you can work on.

35. Learn a new language - Yeah! in your free time you can work on your speaking skills.

36. Writing - When the internet is at the boom presently. One must be knowing catchy writing that can connect to the head and hearts of the readers.

37. Musical Instruments - Learn a new musical instrument in your free time. Most people start with the guitar. You can learn whatever you like first

38. Photography and Videography - It's never too late to learn some photography and video editing skills. Get your hands set on that camera. I mean who doesn't love clicking amazing snaps.

39 . Learn to Cook like a Chef - While it is certainly one thing to be able to create a four-course meal at the last minute, it is another to be able to at least make a decent pasta dinner, a nice pot of soup, and a winning batch of chocolate chip cookies without the help from a box. Having the skill of cooking well will help you out for your entire life.

40. Develop a Deliberate practice habit  Think about basketball. You have two guys practicing. Both spend one-hour practicing. The first guy is running around doing a bit of everything. He does some jump shots. He practices dribbling. He chases after balls as they get away from him. He is not focused on his practice; he tries to do everything.

Now, guy number two is focused. He uses deliberate practice. He spends his hour practicing shooting from the key. He has a coach with him to catch his missed shots, gives advice on improving his shots, and make sure there is little or no downtime.

The laser focus on a particular type of shot means guy number two's practice will be FAR more effective than the same amount of practice time as the first guy.

I hope you like this list of Productive things to do when bored. Tell me in the comments.

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