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 Best strategies for boosting Self-confidence                

When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things

Boost your Self-confidence

Have you ever felt your nerves holding you down just before you were about to approach the person you like, Speaking up in a business meeting, Giving away your opinion in a group, and representing yourself in front of a group or an audience and making eye contact? and  Do you need other's validation in something you want to do?
If these illustrations describe you then this article is definitely for you. You will get to know about How to build self-confidence and self-esteem. 

What is self-confidence and Why is it important?

 The degree to which you are comfortable in your own skin and your belief in your own abilities determines your self-confidence. 
Rather than sticking you guys, a bookish definition or self-confidence jargons let us illustrate what self-confidence looks like. And what qualities does a confident person carries

1. Never engage in self-denial- Yes a confident person never criticizes his own self. And neither he criticizes others. You will never find them engaged in putting others down and bringing their morale down. In fact, they motivate others, their words are so concise and beautiful that they connect to the head and hearts of people.

2. Dare to stand alone- They do not seek the approvals of others. They believe in their own abilities and have a can-do attitude. They are never afraid to stand alone for what they believe in. It is not because they are always right. It is because they are not afraid of being wrong. 

3. A high degree of self-awareness- They have proper knowledge of their inner self. The exactly know what their strengths and weaknesses are. That is why they have a strong belief in their abilities. And they are always willing to improve themselves and they never hesitate to take help from other people.

4. Excellent Communicators- Confident people carry conciseness and clarity in their communication. They prefer listening to others rather than just preaching. Their tone is always optimistic and sounds charismatic. 

5. Courage to act in uncertainty - Yes that is what bravery is. Confident people act in spite of fears, fear of failure, and fear of not making it up. It is not that confident people do not have fears or they are never afraid. They are also humans, they do have fears.
But they make sure that their fears do not hold back their ACTIONS!

6. Look people in the eye - They do not shy away from making eye contact as they have nothing to hide. They do not let their insecurities interfere in their communication.

7. Easiness in representing themselves - Have you ever noticed that an effective speaker is always a confident one. His or her representation of herself is so easygoing that we can not get our head off from what they are saying as our attention is glued to them.

So we can go on and on with the list. By these instances, you would have got an idea about the points you are lacking. Now the question is how do we gain more confidence in our life. I am providing you the best tips below.

What is your present level of Confidence?

To make progress in any field of life we need to have a clear cut idea about where we are standing right now and where we wanna go. So write down your gaps, What you think that hinders you from being confident. Remember this is to be done only and only you. You gotta have to take some actions if you wanna improve merely scrolling article is wasting of time.

  1.  Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down your answers.
  2.  Don't rush! take your time and  come up with a list you need to work on 
  3. Write as much as possible about the things that make you a low confident person

How are we gonna take action on this list? 

Let us understand this with an example. Suppose I am not confident about my looks, I will write that down on my list and I will mindfully try to get an answer about what can I do to change it. So personally I will think about trying a new haircut, buying a new pair of shoes, or clothes or I can think about joining a gym.
So you see all that is on your list requires some actions to be taken. Once you have taken action for all the written things then congrats you have succeeded. 
Come up with your answers about how you are gonna counter that list thing. Think mindfully, search on google and youtube and have patience. And see yourself becoming better with time

But But But!
You need to understand that this is not a one-time thing. This will take time at least 6 months of a lot of practice and expansion of self-awareness. If you stay consistent in your journey and you wholeheartedly put effort then you will succeed.

How to build self-confidence in yourself?

1. Pick up a role model - Look around you whom do you think the most confident person is? What qualities does he have that makes him look confident? What qualities of him you would like to include in your personality. Write them down. And try to add those traits in your personality. It does not mean to lose your individuality. It only means that you should incur favorable traits that are inclined toward your goals. 

2. Read targeted Self-confidence books - You see the only thing that makes us confident and low confident person is just our thinking. If we can correct our wrong patterns of thinking then we all can be more confident in our lives. Books will give you clarity in your thoughts and will improve the way you think, the way you feel about yourself and others. This doesn't mean you have to go through a bundle of self-help books. Just pick up the best book and give it your time to read it with mindfulness. Read, Think it deep and try to implement.

3. Fake it until you make it - Yes this is a strategy in which you just act like you are somebody who is more confident than you actually are. It is like practicing who you want to become. And you continue your practice till you become that cherished person you wanna become.

4. Complete a  dare each day - Write down a list of the tasks you are most uncomfortable of doing. And consider them as your daily objectives. You need to arrive on this list daily and tick a mark on the completed task. For example

  • You can  try smiling in front of your crush
  • You can enter every room with a bright smile
  • You can make eye contact while talking if you don't do that usually
Make up your own list of dares and without giving it a second thought. Collect your courage and complete your dares.

    5. Expanding your boundaries - You have got to step out of your comfort zone. Gaining confidence needs a shift of thinking to a higher level. And if you want to shift you got to be willing to give up your old low confidence personality. Think you are a confident person and act accordingly with the help of books and practice. You all gonna make it. 

    Alright! Thanks for reading and I urge you guys to take this article as a worksheet for 6 months and believe me you will get results. 

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