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“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

If I had nine hours to cut down a tree, I would spend six hours sharpening my axe - Abraham Lincon 

This quote by Abraham Lincon has a very important thing to teach you that is before verifying that you are working in the right direction do not waste your energy and efforts. Rather work on your strategy and gameplan first. Let me take an example of the most common mistake done by a lot of people when they start their weight loss journey. What they do is that some start starving themselves thinking that eating nothing will lead to fat loss. Some start to follow a very very strict diet and they just survive their weight loss journey and they give up when their willpower can't take it anymore. 

What I need to explain by this example is that before putting in efforts and energy into a goal take a step back and do a lot of research, gain some knowledge regarding your goal, Create a blueprint of strategy or gameplan ( It is not meant to be perfect in the beginning but you will have to keep improving it little by little ) first then you need to start putting in hard work, dedication, and all other things.

Understand What Smart Goals means

I don't want to get into that the term SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. Rather I would like to explain the deep meaning of it with examples without getting into jargon and jangles.

1. A Goal which is detailed and defined  - I wanna get rich vs I wanna earn 3 lakh per month signifies what clear and specific goals looks like. It means that the more your goal is realistic more it will be achievable and realistic.

2. Right Direction  - If you wanna make sure that your goals fall in the cateogry of smart goals then you gotta make sure that the efforts and energy you are about to put in will be into right direction and right way. You gotta put in extra time just to make sure about your direction because this is the most important factor.

3.  Deadline - I wanna buy a car soon vs I wanna buy a BMW By the end of the December signifies what a smart goal should look like.  No goals are realistic without a deadline. Goals need to be achieved in a time frame. Because working for goals requires insane hard work and dedication and we can not keep doing that without actually knowing the end of our journey. The deadline will provide the necessary pressure to us so that we can make several changes aligned to our goals. And so that we can work harder and push more.

 Fundamental Steps to achieve goals

Over the years personally I have failed at many things and trough these failures I learned very important lessons. And one of them is that goal setting and achieving them has some fundamentals which never changes no matter if your goal is to get good marks or reach to the moon. So below is what I have learned by my failures.

1. Set realistic goals 

We can understand this by getting to know what are not realistic goals.

1. Like becoming a millionaire or multi-millionaire before the age of 40.

2. Marrying a celebrity like Katy Perry.

3. Building a blog with 500 million monthly readers.

In simple words, if you can not come up with a strategy and game plan to achieve your goal it's unrealistic then.

2. Game plan - "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail " - You can not build a house without the blueprint of the structure of the house in the same way no goal is achievable without a  game plan. But if you are a beginner forget about making the perfect game plan, just do your best and keep improving it weeks by weeks while continuing the work toward your goals.Because game plans need some modification time by time to become perfect.

3. Breaking little by little  -  Have you ever seen how little drops of rain fills a bucket in a certain amount of time? In the same way, a little small progress daily will lead to big significant results in the future. So after making a game plan break it into small little daily objectives. Complete your small objectives daily, start small, and be persistent. You will get there.

4. Analyzing is very important - The journey of our goals is all about trial and error. We have got to keep analyzing if we are doing our things right for example suppose you are on a diet of losing weight you will have to check your weights week by weeks and if you are not losing it you no something is got to need to change in your diet or workout program.So this is trial and error. Keep checking if you are working in the right direction. 

5. Hard work and celebration  - Confused? lol well, when you have known that you are going in right direction then is the time to run your car at full speed. Means that "Work your ass off ". Be dedicated be disciplined and persistent. Why celebration?Because the journey is all we have, the goal is just a destination. Enjoy this journey, celebrate little progress and objectives. Because there is no fun in working for goals like a robot.

6. Persistence -  A goal is achieved by putting in the workday in day out, months in months out, year by year. Like a bucket is filled by a leaking tap in drops by drops and after a certain time bucket gets full. That is how persistence works, you gotta show up every day no matter how you feel you have to put in work every day

7. Self discipline - It's is the daily decision of getting shit done day in day out, ignoring the distraction, leaving the short term pleasures aside, and focusing on long term goals. It does not mean losing all your friends or become a workaholic. It simply means being persistent, getting things done day by day, months by months, and year by year keeping the laziness or mood and how you feel on a particular day aside till you reach your goal. 

Very important - "Difference between hard work and smart work" Wanna learn?

Alright, I hope now you understand the power of goal setting. You can write down 100 goals ideas and set out to chase them.

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